While there extensive research underway on how your music choices influence your personality, there is a very simple question I'd like to put forth - Why do you listen to music?

To combat boredom? Enjoy a good time while driving or with friends? Is it because music reduces the background noise in your mind and provides more clarity ? Or to influence your emotional states negative to positive or the other way around? Does music help you focus? Or is it simply because you love music?

It could be any number of reasons, but what matters is you do listen to music and are aware of your preferences, be it heavy metal, rock, jazz or the popularly favored EDM.

Music brings out emotions, helps in self discovery and takes you to places that you never knew existed. Certain genres of EDM are widely used in Music therapy. There are numerous discussions to replace prescription of xanax with music therapy! The Alzheimer's Society of the United Kingdom adds to this notion by discussing that people with Alzheimer's who listen to music and participate in dance show decreasing signs of anxiety and depression. So great news, listening to music is great for your mind, body and soul!

So now the next question comes in, why Electronic Dance Music? For that, let us understand what is EDM actually. Wikipedia defines EDM as

" Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a set of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for environments centered in dance-based entertainment, such as nightclub settings. The music is largely created for use by disc jockeys and is produced with the intention of it being heard in the context of a continuous DJ set; wherein the DJ progresses from one record to the next via a synchronized segue or "mix"."

That being said, there might be multiple interpretations of which tracks fall under which genre of EDM, since there are 100+ genres and sub-genres in EDM now. However, they all sprung from the very famous PLUR philosophy - Peace, Love , Unity and Respect, which again is vary of your interpretation.

Peace for example, could mean inner peace, i.e. finding and accepting who you really are or external peace, i.e. world peace and bringing people together. Love again would reflect as love for yourself first and then others, including the environment. The EDM festival Burning man for example, is held at Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and embraces the PLUR philosophy to the core. The entire community of Burning Man connects over peace and love made over the art through music and respect for the environment, leaving no trash or trace of the event. Aside from the infamous episodes of drug-use linked with electronic music, the underlying philosophy of Electronic Dance Music is to create a community of like minded people and promote, peace, love, unity and respect.

That being said, in a simple analogy you can consider music as a language used to convey the artistic creativity of the producer with scales and chords (alphabets) being the building blocks of the melodies and harmonies (sentences). Considering this analogy, listening to music is actually trying to connect with the story that producer/s intended to share. So in all whatever you wish to experience by listening to music, do check up the story behind the track or album!

On that note, we at Progressive Protocol are all about deep house, progressive and techno music, trying to create melodic and groovy nights for you to enjoy. Do sign up on the calendar for the next Music Episode near you!