The music movement that started in 80s and 90s in various parts of US, UK and Europe took almost 3 decades to make its way to India. Indeed we have a rich cultural heritage with hindustani and carnatic music, but the top 5 music channels dedicatedly root for bollywood and pop culture. Amidst the limited accessibility and informational bias of top channels and producers, home grown festivals like sunburn and supersonic have gained significant momentum, enough to attract global audiences to India as well!

Historically, electronic music has evolved with distinct geographical flavors across genres and sub-genres, be it the rise of techno in Detroit or house in Chicago. Artists like Juan Atkins, Carl craig and many others were the founding members of an underground music movement that celebrates the creative expression of independent producers as opposed to the conformity to highly commercial mainstream trends. That, coupled with technological advancements of moog synthesizers and MIDI keyboards is when we saw an explosion of genres and sub genres in electronic dance music, influenced by local phenomenon.

We should not discount it as a coincidence that the popularity of EDM in India began to grow around the same time when sunburn found its way to the top 10 global festival rankings. Very recently launched TV show - Remix, by Amazon, is connecting mass audiences with the art of electronic music and placing the limelight on the producers for first time. With EVC launching their Satellite festival in New Delhi last year and Tomorrowland Unite stages gaining popularity across several cities, it is safe to say that we are at the tipping point for India to be the next electronic music destination. Even the co-founder of Tomorrowland, Michael Beers said during an interview that India has the raw material to dominate the EDM industry and is a huge market for dance music.

Today, a host of venues and event companies are focusing on curating music events with independent producers and DJ's, giving rise to our own version of underground music movement supporting the locally grown talent. Aside the metros, tier 2 and 3 cities is where we see an influx of demand for globally popular electronic music. NH7 Weekender's edition in Shillong or Nucleya's all sold out concerts in Indore and Hyderabad are a testament to the growing interest and evolving music preference of the Indian population.

Accessibility with the social media platforms, coupled with awareness is leading the young guns to explore different forms of music out there and that itself is a step in the right direction. That being said, we at Progressive Protocol have are passionate about ascending this underground music movement and promoting local producers and DJs. So if you are one of them or your friend is, do leave us message.